‘The Rock’s’ Real Upper Body Workout Leaks — And It’s Insane

As Dwayne Johnson trains for one of his biggest roles ever, he is giving fans some detailed descriptions of his workout plan. 

Usually, he keeps this information secret, or shares them during rare Q&As. But now, he is revealing the entire structure of his workouts.

Johnson shared details about his split training. 

He covered his Thursday workout, which was cardio with an empty stomach, then back and biceps later on.

Next, his Friday plan: more morning empty stomach cardio, then a breakdown of his triceps and chest routine.

Johnson only has one rest day each week, which he also uses as his cheat day.

On Monday, Johnson again revealed another training day. Like the other days, he starts with empty-stomach morning cardio.

Later on that day, he focuses on his biceps and back. “My back routine is made of supersets,” he says. “There’s a lot of blood being pushed into the muscle. Then I’ll switch to my biceps.”

This means he has two days dedicated to his back and biceps, since Thursday is also targeting those muscles. 

At the end of the week, he focuses on tri-sets and giant sets, instead of supersets.

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