The Ultimate Home Workout Routine

While using only your body-weight can work wonders if you are without equipment, by adding resistance, you will get much better results. And given the current pandemic, that might be hard to do with gyms being closed in some areas… on top of dumbbells being out of stock everywhere. So here are six exercises you can do anywhere with just resistance bands, which you can buy for just $12.

1 – Single Arm Bicep Curls

Using a resistance band is just as simple as using a dumbbell. Just step on the band in the center, and curl the sides. For extra resistance, adjust where in the band you step on. With the outside area leading to harder curls.

2 – Military Press

Inside a real gym you would use a set of dumbbells or a barbell for this exercise. With resistance bands, just stand on the band and hold the two ends with your elbows at right angles.

Then push up until your arms are stretched like you are trying to touch the ceiling. Experts say if you find there is not much resistance, hold the band a little bit further down or maybe even wrap it around your hands a couple times to make more tension.

3 – Chest Press

The chest press is my favorite. All you need to do is get a chair, sit, wrap the band around your back and push your arms forward as if you were on an upright benchpress if such a thing existed. Experts even recommend bringing your arms up a bit as you push out to target your entire chest.

4 – Tricep Extension

Step on the center of the band as you did with the military press, adjust the band so it runs from the floor up your back to your hands. Hold the grips close together and extend your arms as if you were doing this movement with dumbbells. Adjust the tension as we have done with other exercises.

5 – Front Raises

This is close to the military press, but instead of going above your head, you lift out and UP in front of your chest. Step in the center of the band, hold the grips at shoulder width and lift. You can adjust the power of this by adjusting where you grip the band.

6 – Rows

Rowing exercises are a great back exercise, so being able to do them anywhere is great. For this movement, step on the entire center of the band, holding one end in either hand. Bend over so your body is almost aligned with the floor, and slowly bring your elbow up, keeping your arm near your body as you go.

Follow these six exercises to keep your fitness levels in top shape no matter where you are, and you might find you prefer fitness bands over other heavier, bulky and more expensive equipment.

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