This 3-Move Exercise Burns Fat All Over Your Body

With summer now fading into our rear-view mirror and some people’s outdoor workouts now coming to an end, you might find your gym getting ever busier, rendering circuits and superset out of the question for the future.

Despite only needing one piece of equipment and a quiet corner, the following 10-round barbell routine packs a big full-body punch, hitting your shoulders, your back and your quads with a workout that gives a big dose of calorie-burning conditioning.

Get warmed up and start your clock, and every two minutes do one round of these exercises and reps. Do 10 total rounds, stopping at the 20-minute mark; causing this workout to not just be brutally effective but also time-efficient.

1. Push Press x 5

Clean your barbell and put it across your shoulders, breathe in and out and brace your core. Now dip at your knees and use your legs to do the work push your barbell overhead. Lower with control down to your shoulders and then repeat the movement.

2. Bent Over Row x 10

Presses despatched, lower the barbell down to your waist and hinge your hips until your chest is in line with the ground, barbell hanging at your shins. Keep a flat back, row your bar towards your torso, squeeze your shoulder blades and lower with control to the starting spot before restarting the move. Control your bar and avoid shifting your torso but keep your pulls explosive.

3. Front Squat x 15

After your ending row, clean the bar to your chest, take another deep breath. Lifting your elbows high to get the bar. Keep an upright torso and bring your hips back, bend at your knees so that your thighs are parallel with the ground. Get back up to the starting spot to repeat the move.

By following this work, you will hit all of the major areas of your body that hold onto body fat. With back fat being one area where many men struggle. But more than removing fat, this workout will very quickly start to pack on incredible muscle that is very noticeable.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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