This Guy Lost 10 Pounds Running 5 Miles Every Single Day for a Month

By Philip Ellis April 22th, 2020 | Image Source : Men's Health

YouTuber Doctor Mike Diamonds set himself the target of hitting 12,000 steps on the treadmill each day in quarantine.

Keen to embrace a physical challenge to help stave off the boredom during isolation, YouTuber Doctor Mike Diamonds recently upped his cardiovascular workout and set himself the goal of hitting at least 12,000 steps on the treadmill every single day for 30 days, in addition to the extra exercise he was already getting walking his dog.

During the 30 days, he alternated between high-intensity interval training (HIIT) running workouts, and low-intensity steady state (LISS) cardio, citing a study from California State University which found that individuals who ran a 10-minute mile burned 190 calories, while those who walked a 19-minute mile still burned 111 calories.

Diamonds’ diet for this period consisted of 2,650 calories each day, including 200g protein, 350g carbs, and 50g fat. In addition to the cardio workouts, he also continued with his regular resistance training throughout the month-long challenge, including dumbbell incline press, squats, and leg extensions.

After 30 days and more than 460,000 steps, Diamonds was noticeably leaner, and had lost 10.8 pounds. He also found that there were additional mental benefits which came in handy during the stress of studying in quarantine.

“All in all I was happier,” he said. “I was in a better mood, and as I’m preparing for my final exams, hopefully they’ll happen next month considering our current situation, it helped me a lot better in terms of being able to memorize and do a lot of the work that I needed to.”

Author: Philip Ellis

Source: Men’s Health: This Guy Lost 10 Pounds Running 5 Miles Every Single Day for a Month

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