This Makes Fat Cells Literally “Kill Themselves”

Curcumin started as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, but now we have found it also blocks estrogen, increases testosterone, improves your heart health, combats cancer, increases strength, repairs arterial plaques, reduces the risk of diabetes and even stops your knees from hurting.

To top all that off, now there is new research showing that curcumin triggers fat cells to experience apoptosis, which what scientists call cellular suicide. When apoptosis starts, the outer surface of the cell bubbles, like it is boiling. Then, its nucleus shatters. Eventually, the cell rips apart.

The Taiwanese scientists involved with the study knew from other studies that curcumin lowers body fat, but they did not understand how this happened.

So, to research it, they exposed mouse pre-fat cells to varying amounts of curcumin for multiple time periods. They also exposed mouse pre-fat cells to a low dosage of curcumin for one hour, then a 1 day incubation period.

They found that curcumin lowered fat cell differentiation. In other words, curcumin stops fat cells from continuing and fulfilling their end function, which is to maintain and hold fat.

How to take advantage of this new discovery

The researchers used an amount of up to 50 micrograms of curcumin to kill these fat cells, but given that human body weights vary so much, it is hard to find a suitable dosage.

But, since 30 micrograms is a very small amount, I feel like the normal dosage of curcumin (two 500-milligram dosages per day) would be perfect for the average person.

This research has made me believe that curcumin could be very useful in preventing fat gain. So, I don’t think you can go wrong by taking a curcumin supplement, especially when you consider all its other health benefits.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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