This New Supplement Fights Dementia Like Nothing Else


People that are concerned about their health are likely already taking vitamins regularly. They may be taking a multivitamin for overall health, they might take a vitamin C when concerned about their immune system, and probably taking calcium to keep their bones strong. Here is another one to add—new research is saying that taking fish oil vitamins could bring down your risk for dementia.

A study, that was published recently in the Clinical Nutrition journal, studied dietary data from over  215,000 older adults that does not have dementia for about eight years, studying their chances of developing dementia while taking fish oil vitamins during the eight years. The study found that the  supplement caused a lower risk of dementia.

The people in this study took their own fish oil and reported their intake and that could have caused some inaccuracies because the amount of fat in their bodies was not measured.

“It would have been better if a validated biomarker had been used from the beginning and during the study to know more about their omega-3 amount,” Doug Cook, wrote175 Best Superfood Blender Recipes. Long-term intake of omega-3s are reflected by the omega-3 index. So, if a persons omega-3 index is low but they say that they are taking two grams of fish oils and omega-3 then we would know the intake reported was inaccurate.

The study shows that having omega-3 fatty acids in your body is important. They have been connected to a lot of health outcomes that are positive. For example, the lowering of inflammation, causing a boosted immune system, improving your skin, lowering risk of some cancers and several cognitive benefits.

” For the brain to have the protection and peak functioning it needs, it is very important that you get the antioxidant vitamins and omega-3 fats you need,” says Ngaire Hobbins, APD, author of Brain Body Food.

” Dark colored fruit, vegetables, and whole grains have forms of Vitamin A and E in them and essential omega-3 fats are provided from nuts, seeds, and oily fish,” Hobbins adds. Vitamins can help with the nutrients you need but its best to get them from the foods you eat.


Author: Steven Sinclaire

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