This One Thing Will Keep You From Getting ‘Biden Brain’

By JoAnna Wendel Octomber 19th, 2020 | Image Source: Inverse

The health benefits of exercise are no question.

Regular exercise can boost our mental health, increase resilience, and even help us live longer.:

Researchers recently analyzed 13 studies that looked at the connection between cognitive performance and exercise.

In these studies, participants aged 18-35 either rested or did some aerobic activity like walking, running, or cycling. They also completed tests of memory, learning, and cognition.

The researchers found that moderate to high intensity aerobic exercise can boost several cognitive functions.:

“Exercise makes you happy and focused,” study co-author and physician of County Hospital Ryhov and Jönköping University, tells Inverse . “Exercise makes you smart!”:

Here are the 6 cognitive benefits of working out:

1. Improved learning memory:

2. Planning and problem solving:

3. Concentration-related cognitive functions:

4. Long-term memory improvement:


5. Working memory improvement:

6. Improved verbal fluency:


Author: JoAnna Wendel

Source: Inverse: 6 ways that exercise improves your brain

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