This Tea Is The #1 Cancer-Defense Drink

If you ever wondered which tea has the most health benefits, the answer might surprise you: Out of the top tea types – Green, Black, Oolong, and White – white tea is the minimally processed, usually only involving harvesting, withering in sunlight, and then drying the leaves. That means it has a range of possible benefits, including giving you the most cancer-fighting antioxidants in their best unaltered form.

According to the studies that exist, the health benefits of white tea can include:

1. Protecting you against bone loss

Routine consumption of white tea has a protective effect from bone loss, according to research. Scientists investigated the possible health benefits of white tea on rats. After twelve weeks, the researchers looked at the bone mineral density and discovered that white tea lowered bone loss and increased a protein hormone known as osteocalcin that helps create more bone strength and lower the rate of fractures.

2. Protects your skin against damage

The extract within white tea can boost your collagen and protect you from skin damage, according to another study. Researchers looked at white tea, rose, and witch hazel extract in a lab and the results revealed white tea has a “protective benefit for fibroblast cells” in your skin, against hydrogen peroxide-induced harm, supporting healthier skin and wound healing in general.

3. Lower insulin resistance and LDL cholesterol

A study researched the effects of white tea extract on diabetic rats and discovered that the mice who had the tea had a decrease in blood glucose and LDL cholesterol. The mice who had the white tea extract also had an increase in glucose tolerance compared to the other mice. The researchers said: “White tea is effective at lowering most of the diabetes-linked abnormalities in an induced diabetes model in rats.”

4. Easier weight loss

White tea can also increase your energy expenditure as you lose pounds, as well as boost your natural ability to shed fat, according to one study. White tea –along with green tea – might “increase energy expenditure by 5 percent, fat oxidation by 16 percent and could counteract the lowering in metabolic rates that slows down your weight loss,” according to the researchers. “Daily upticks in thermogenesis of around 300 to 400 calories can eventually cause a substantial weight loss,” the study concluded.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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