This Type Of Bread Could Destroy Your Stomach

Whole wheat bread is a top choice for people who want to eat a sandwich while getting more nutrients than a traditional slice of American white bread. Whole wheat bread gives you a dose of fiber, lowers your inflammation, and aids you in having a healthy gut.

But are there possible downsides of consuming whole wheat? One top side effect is that it can potentially cause stomach issues for those who have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or bloating, or even constipation.

Do you have IBS?

Around 25 to 45 million Americans have IBS, and there might be many more people who are going undiagnosed. IBS is an occurrence where your large intestine gets irritated and leads to symptoms like bloating and diarrhea.

IBS can be very hard to diagnose since it can only be found given the symptoms, but it leads to a lot of discomfort and pain for people who are living with it.

Why is whole wheat a problem for some?

You may assume that gluten could be the issue, but the problem is a little more complex.

Instead of gluten, it is the fructans within the wheat that are usually not tolerated by people who have IBS symptoms. Fructans are a kind of carb called an oligosaccharide that are categorized as an FODMAPs.

FODMAPs are a group of short-chain carbs (sugars) that are not absorbed correctly in your gut. And because these fructans inside whole wheat are FODMAPs, and they are known to trigger unwanted side effects for people who have IBS symptoms.

How do FODMAPs trigger these problems?

FODMAPs are in more foods that just whole wheat bread, but are also found in vegetables, fruits, breads, nuts, cereals, sweets and legumes.

The reason FODMAPs such as whole-wheat bread might lead to problems for people with IBS is due to the gas they trigger in the body. FODMAPs are naturally fermented within your body and give our gut bacteria the energy to work. But, as this bacteria use these FODMAPs, it also creates hydrogen, which is why you have stomach bloating, gas, pain and other stomach issues.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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