This Weird Technique Instantly Reverses Aging

Burnout is real. And “Selfcare is whatever it means for you, or whatever you need for relief that is not self-destructive,” as Dr. Birndorf says. There is not just one answer for all people. That said, there are some things that are known to sooth people’s mental health.”

“What worked before covid may not work now. That means if you always wanted to read you may need to go in and watch a show on Netflix to give yourself an escape from your stressors,” Dr. Birndorf says.

Nature. Spending some time inside nature is a proven relaxer. Some people take that is called “forest baths” or hike a lot, says Dr. Birndorf. “I feel as my blood pressure goes down when I am outside in nature,” she adds.

Walk away from your desk or stressors. You might want to walk alone or walk and talk, but the more people walk the more they can deal with stress. It gets them out from their computer or cell phone screens and gets them breathing better.

Eat plant-based and feel like you are taking better care of yourself. Whether you are plant-based or just trying to get healthier, adding in more whole grains, vegetables, fruit and nuts to your plate will help shift your microbiome into a healthier place instead of eating meat and dairy which can get inflammatory. Your dietary decisions and alcohol consumption often are linked to your stress levels, but the least healthy choice is to eat junk food or drink alcohol. Instead, double down on your goal to get healthy and to take better car of yourself as well as your emotional or mental self.

Talk. Find someone who you can speak to who can help you deal with how you are feeling and get solutions that are good and helpful. If you know a friend who visits someone, ask him for a reference. Insurance pays for some of these sorts of visits. And there is no shame is working with a brain mechanic to work out some of your issues. Everything you tell a therapist is confidential and protected by law.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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