This Wonder Juice Gives You “Bedroom Superpowers”

Considered a life-changing fruit by many people due to its many incredible health benefits, pineapple is tasty and packing nutrients great for your body.

Once you get through its thorny shell, get ready for a mouth-water treat that will be worth the effort not just because of the taste but also because of the health benefits.

The following 7 health benefits can be had when you drink pineapple juice according to experts.

Many folks may not know it but pineapple is in fact an aphrodisiac. Potassium inside pineapple juice lowers muscle cramps, which puts you in top shape for bedroom action. The enzyme called Bromelain will also help to raise your testosterone and increase your libido.

Boost Immunity
If you are trying to find a way to boost your immunity, then pineapple juice might be your best friend because its nutrients including antioxidants, enzymes, and other vitamins. Research has shown that certain ingredients in pineapple can help you absorb more iron, along with helping in improving your bone health.

Prevent Cancer

Pineapples have antioxidants that can aid in the blocking of cancer due to anti-inflammatory ingredients minimizing damaging oxidative stress along with inflammation, which are both things that help the disease form. Pineapple also has bromelain, and that might stimulate cell death in cancer cells, and helps produce white blood cells.

Cough Remedy
Eating pineapple can help prevent or treat a cough thanks to its anti-inflammatory nature and its ability to soothe your throat. Again, the bromelain inside pineapple juice is the reason for this benefit.

Blood Pressure
Pineapples are a good source of sodium and potassium, with the right balance that is perfect for your body to keep a healthy blood pressure. Also, pineapples are filled with antioxidants and beta-carotene, which positively affect your blood pressure.

Anti-inflammatory agents like bromelain inside pineapple will also lower swelling in your joints, which is the main reason for rheumatoid arthritis.

Intestinal Worms
Finally, Bromelain is known to be very good at breaking down and removing worms like roundworms and tapeworms.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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