Top Musician Shares His ‘After 40 Workout’

In a recent Instagram post, Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine gave followers a look at his workout he uses to maintain his fitness during lockdown.

Levine’s workout reel also featured a video of his trainer, Austin Pohlen, coaching the singer through a series of moves, beginning with knee raises with resistance from chains over his feet.

The video also shows Levine performing the single-arm incline press for his chest.

Men’s Health’s Ebenezer Samuel says of the single-arm incline press: “It’s hard work because your body has a tendency to rotate upwards and downwards as you press.”

If you want to steal this exercises from Levine, you might want to think about the hamstring rollout, an exercise that works well at home, even with towels if you don’t have the normal equipment, Samuel says.

Also, the farmer’s carry—which Levine does in the video with kettlebells—is “an important movement that everyone should do,” Samuel adds. You’ll get a complete range of benefits with this exercise, from grip strength to stability. And it’s very good for men over 40.

Finally, Levine ends with cardio. Doing jump rope and ski-Erg work, ensuring he will be back on stage as soon as the lockdown ends.

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