U.S. Military Unveils Pill That Completely Reverses Aging

U.S. Special Op. Command (SOCOM), which is the group that manages America’s Special Forces, says it will soon begin trials for an “anti-aging pill” that might halt certain degenerative aging effects.

“We have done pre-clinical dosing and safety research in anticipation of follow-up testing in the next fiscal year of 2022,” Navy Officer Tim Hawkins, a spokesperson for SOCOM, said.

The pill uses what Hawkins says is a “human performance small molecule” which will be fashioned into a supplement form for both military personnel and civilians. He said:

“These efforts won’t create physical traits that are not natural. This is about increasing the mission readiness of our troops by increasing performance that usually declines with age. Essentially, we are partnering with top industry partners and institutions to create a pill that is good for a variety of use cases by both military members and civilians, whose resulting benefits might include better human performance—like better endurance and better recovery from injuries.”

The FDA does not regulate nutraceuticals, meaning they are exempted from the difficult standards that help to control prescription drugs. Why wouldn’t the military bring this substance to market through the right testing to end up as a regulated drug, especially when it is already holding clinical trials, which are among the main steps to FDA approval? That is not clear for now.

The phrase “human performance” does not mean much. Human performance is the total of many factors which could be involved, and we have found that small molecules are just a descriptive phrase and something that most pharma drugs already cover. So what are these specific molecules?

The molecule in focus is named nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). Which MetroBiotech touts as a treatment for some mitochondrial diseases. Mitochondria being the cell parts that are the powerhouse of cells since they create the energy inside the cell.

MetroBiotech reports that NAD+ can lower the overall effects of aging inside the body, which is where factors such as reaction time and speed come in. But trials will go far to confirm what is or is not going to be treated by this NAD+, which the U.S. military has already spent millions on since 2018.

Author:Scott Dowdy

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