Vince McMahon Reveals His “Safe Squat” Secret

World Wrestling Championship chairman Vince McMahon is 75 and judging by his workout which was recently put onto the internet by his trainer, McMahon’s is doing more than most young people.

The video, which was put on Instagram by Michael Monteforte, the WWE’s trainer, shows the 75 year old legend going up to a squat machine, which lets someone squat without the stress of standard squat variations.

Monteforte says McMahon works out seven days every week, the two did hack squats and leg presses, then used five plates on both sides, lowering the reps to 10 and increasing the plates to six, then five reps and seven plates, and then going for a final ending max rep. For McMahon, who is 75-years-old, that was a whopping 990 pounds.

McMahon had given Monteforte lots of credit for helping him keep strong and healthy as he gets older. “Mike’s technique is safe, which is very important,” McMahon said to Muscle and Fitness. “His take is, do not do anything that can hurt you.” He then said that no muscle is worth hurting yourself —partly because that will just ruin your long-term progress.


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Author: Blake Ambrose

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