What To Drink To Speed Up Weight Loss

Losing weight is never simple. It becomes more difficult as you get older. If you’re having difficulty shedding those last few pounds, consider your beverage preferences.

“What you drink is very crucial if you’re trying to lose weight as you age,” said registered dietitian Jonathan Valdez, owner of Genki Nutrition. “Studies have shown that some beverages, like sugar-sweetened drinks, can cause weight gain because of their liquid carb content, which doesn’t provide satiety and encourages you to drink extra calories at later meals.”

One particular beverage, on the other hand, has been found to support weight loss: water.

“Water has been shown to be a smart option for weight reduction,” says Valdez. “Randomized controlled trial data indicate that replacing calorie beverages with water was highly effective at achieving weight loss.”

You don’t have to stick with water, though, if you want to get started on your weight loss. Here are six drinking routines that will help you lose weight as you get older, based on professional dietitians.

1 — Add fruits, such as strawberries, to your water.

Strawberries help add natural sweetness and flavor to water, as well as fiber, folate, potassium and antioxidants. Strawberries are one of the best sources of vitamin C, according to Bonnie Taub-Dix.

“Strawberries contain just as much vitamin C as an orange, which is enough for the whole day! Vitamin C aids in the development of collagen and bones while also keeping you fuller than a glass of water can.”

2 — Limit alcoholic beverages.

Limit alcoholic drinks, especially cocktails, which might add to your total calorie intake. “If you consider one serving of alcohol each day, about 100 calories each serving, that adds up to roughly 700 calories every week,” says Valdez.

3 — Drink herbal tea.

“You will get the same water credit if you drink herbal tea whether it’s served hot or cold, and it’s a great way to hydrate your diet. I frequently cut an apple or pear and add it to my cup of tea before adding hot water. This method allows me to eat a baked fruit after my last sip. This natural sweetness aids in the completion of a meal,” Taub-Dix adds.

4 — Sip on a protein shake.

“A high-protein, complete diet replacement (35 percent carbohydrate, 40 percent protein, 25% fat) may aid fat loss by increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation,” according to Valdez.

5 — Skip juice for veggies and whole fruits.

Fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. They’re also low in calories, which is great.Juicing them may eliminate some of the fiber, which makes you feel fuller longer. According to the CDC, only 1 out of 10 adults get enough fruits and vegetables each day. Consider whether half of your plate is filled with fruits and veggies? You should consume 2 to 3 cups of veggies and 1.5 to 2 cups of fruit every day.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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