Why You Should Drink More Beer, According To Science

If you are a beer lover, you might be interested in the fact that researchers have found some key benefits that some people can get from beer.

In researchers’ meta-analysis, which was published in the journal Nutrients, a team of scientists looked at studies from 2007 to 2020 that analyzed the effects of alcoholic drinks on health.

The researchers found that light beer consumption was actually best for experiencing the health benefits from beer. In fact, they say just one daily drink for women and two for men should be the maximum.

1 — Moderate drinking can protect your heart

The researchers said they identified “a protective effect from moderate alcohol consumption on heart disease.” This was true for people who usually drank as much as 13.5 ounces of beer each week when compared to only occasional drinkers.

2 — Beer might help to lower your chances of diabetes (in men).

The researchers say: “Male abstainers had a greatly higher risk of creating abnormal glucose regulation … than beer drinkers who drank sometimes, suggesting that occasional beer drinking could be a guard against diabetes for men.”

3 — Beer was linked to healthier bones.

When studying bone density and older people’s risk of getting fractures, the researchers from this study say they found that “very low amounts of consumption were linked with a lowered fracture risk.” For this number, they said “non-alcoholic parts of beer could also be coming into play,” as they go into the science and explain that: “Other compounds inside beer behave synergically with silicon to activate osteoblast cells, help bone structure, and aid in the remineralization of teeth and bone.”

4 — Beer might reduce your cholesterol.

The scientists also found several studies which suggest that beer aids in promoting better cholesterol levels and regulate your body’s handling of bad cholesterol, thanks in large part due to the antioxidants inside a good beer. It is crucial to note that this particular benefit was discovered when a small amount of beer was drunk.

Alcohol is a dangerous thing to drink on a regular basis, but it seems from all the research available, drinking a beer every day might do more good than harm.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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