1.5 Teaspoons Of This Is A Blood Pressure Miracle

It’s not a secret that consuming the right foods is among the most vital things you need to do to stay healthy.

But more than buying healthy foods, there are slight adjustments you can make to your favorite recipes that might give you a big benefit.

A new study released June 2021 in Current Developments in Nutrition has revealed that consuming just 1.5 teaspoons of this will help your heart health.

The study was completed by a team of Penn State University researchers along with their colleagues at Texas Tech University. The group of scientists found that eating only 1.5 teaspoons of herbs and spices per day can greatly optimize the health of your heart by decreasing your overall blood pressure.

To perform the study, 71 people at greater risk for problems like insulin resistance or hypertension were told by scientists to start consuming either 6.6 grams… or 3.3 grams or .5 grams of spices and herbs each day along with their meals. They did this for four weeks. The team then took blood to find any changes to glucose, lipids and insulin.

While the results did not show changes to cholesterol levels or blood sugar, the group that took 6.6 grams—which is around 1.5 teaspoons—had a large improvement to their pressure levels.

But that’s not all the evidence for this benefit. Another study, done in 2020, and which included data from over 550 people who had high blood pressure. The researchers discovered that consuming garlic supplements can lower both diastolic and systolic blood pressure as well as blood pressure medications.

Cinnamon too was shown to have good cardiovascular benefits. A published analysis in 2019, which studies data from 641 people, revealed that using cinnamon decreased blood pressure greatly. Participants got an even better effect after using it for 12 weeks.

So the next time you think about which healthy foods to buy, don’t forget to also ask: How can I add herbs and spices to this?

Author: Blake Ambrose

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