3 Eating Habits That Make Weight Loss Easy

Mario Tomic creates nutrition and fitness videos content on YouTube based on his own experience of keeping a 10 to 15 percent body fat for the past several years. These have included tips about walking for weight loss, and insights into how to overcome a muscle plateau. In one of his previous videos, Tomic shares his eating habits he has used over time which helped him keep his low body fat.

1 — Eating templates

Many times, it can be easier to follow a diet during the week, but then everything goes out of the window when the weekend gets here, especially if there are many social engagements within your calendar. Tomic recommends going into these weekends with a planned strategy. For example, if you have a dinner approaching, he says you should pre-allocate calories for the meal, including your drinks, and change the rest of the day so that your calories are within your “budget.”

2 — Focus on consequences

“Your body is complex… a diet change does not just have a single effect,” says Tomic. “It has secondary effects that many people never consider.” For example, if you get off your diet, your instinct could be to get back on it as soon as you can, lower calories and add cardio to compensate for your slip.

“The first consequence is positive, you will catch back up faster,” says Tomic. “But the second order is that you made the whole things a lot harder. If the first version is too hard to stick with, how will you stick with the second? You are more likely to get back off track again.”

3 — Use “inverting”

Instead of asking yourself how you can stay with a diet consistently, Tomic suggests you flip the question so that instead you are asking: how will you ruin a diet? You will easily find plenty of reasons why a diet could fail. “Inverting is a great diagnostic tool that can be used to find the exact things you need to work on to get more consistent with your eating,” he says.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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