3 Fitness Mistakes Men Over 50 Make

The older you get, the more difficult it is to get the level of fitness every guy wants. To help any guy over 50, here are three pieces of advice to help you with your fitness goals.

1 – Mobility

If you are just getting back into fitness after decades of being a slob, your body will be rigid. To avoid hurting yourself, you should start loosening and lengthening those tissues with bodyweight moves and stretches.

Do a Spiderman stretch for thoracic rotation to begin with: Get in the pushup position, bring your right foot just outside your right hand. Bring your right hand up and reach it for the sky, keeping your eyes on it the whole way. Do 3 to 5 reps on each side per set.

2 – Focus on your back

There’s good chance you don’t have good back strength—and that’s what you need to build asap. Because all that time sitting can lead to having a tight chest and weak rhomboids and mid-back muscles.

Strengthening the latter group will bring your shoulders back into the correct and safe position—giving you a better result from all other exercises like bench presses and bicep curls. It will also clean up your posture and help you stand taller.

Start with dumbbell rows and try to max out at 12 reps.

3 – Focus on strength not cardio

If you want to lower body fat, you might be tempted to focus on doing a lot of treadmill jogging, but that’s not your best bet.

The last thing you need is endlessly boring walking, cycling or anything else that is repetitive. After years from training, your body is not moving with the right mechanics, and repeating those bad mechanics repeatedly can cause all kinds of pain and issues.

Start by rebuilding your strength, doing things dumbbell rows, Romanian deadlifts, and bodyweight squats.

This is crucial because after 40, sarcopenia, the loss of muscle, usually sets in. And you can’t offset this by only doing cardio. You only counteract it by working out

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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