3 ‘Tricks’ That Will Make You Tougher Than a Navy Seal

Going through life’s hard challenges does not require being “tough.” It requires knowing your own mind. We got experts to discuss the top questions we get about the hardest mental strength issues. Use their answers below to level up your mental game.

1) Dealing with failure

Consider Michael Jordan. He thought about himself as a failure for years, with him reporting that he had missed over 9,000 shots.

How did he move forward? Making a mistake is only a source of feedback for you to let you know you are off course.

Use that information to focus on what you need to do next. Then forget your past mistake. You can close your eyes and see yourself flushing the mistake down a toilet or putting it in a balloon and releasing it. The point is to let your mistakes stay in the past and build on your new information. You cannot do your best job by staying focused on your previous worst.

2) How do I avoid burnout

Learning to use the word ‘no’ is natural to some people but difficult to others. Many don’t use it at all because they fear they’ll lose certain opportunities or be seen as lazy by employers. In reality, the opposite can sometimes be true.

My experience shows that when I say no to someone, my value goes up. When you give respect to yourself, others also respect you more.

3) I’m a bad procrastinator. How do I get more drive?

Let go of the idea of having to be “in the zone” to do what has to be done. You will never have a perfect time to get your work done, and if you are wanting to wait for the mood to appear, you will be waiting a long time. James Clear advocates that people stick to a schedule instead of a deadline. If life gets in your way and stops you from what you need to do, reduce the size of the task—instead of the 30 minutes you had planned, do 10 minutes—but always commit to a schedule. Don’t allow yourself to have the ability to skip it. Doing this will keep you accountable to yourself and build a psychological need to get stuff done.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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