5 Cancer Signs Most People Ignore

Cancer is a particularly tough disease to screen for early in a cost-effective and precise manner. “It’s a hard question,” said Dr. Francis Barany. “Do I have cancer hidden inside me? Consider cancer as a garbage truck that goes down tiny alleyways. The garbage truck may drop trash behind it as it travels up the little side streets. A pair of walkers in the same area may see a newspaper on one street and a plastic bottle on another, yet they have no idea where they originated. It’s only after they notice several garbage bags that they might determine that a rubbish truck is cruising… We don’t know what the garbage truck will drop until it comes, and each cancer produces its own kind of trash.” Not only that, but every individual’s trash has its own distinct appearance. So this is an issue. According to experts, here are five indicators of hidden cancer.

1 — Fatigue

Experts believe that persistent tiredness that doesn’t go away no matter how much you rest might be a symptom of cancer. “Extreme tiredness that does not improve with rest may be an early indication of cancer,” warns Johns Hopkins Medicine. “Cancer takes advantage of your body’s nutrients to continue growing and spreading, so they cease to replenish your body. This ‘food theft’ can leave you feeling incredibly drained.”

2 — Excessive Bloating

Doctors say that stomach bloating without an apparent cause might be a symptom of stomach cancer. “Stomach cancer could make the wall of your stomach hard and limit food storage,” explains general surgeon Daniel Joyce. “When stomach cancer spreads to the abdominal lining, it may result in a pool of fluid within your abdominal cavity.”

3 — Difficulty Swallowing

Swallowing problems might be a symptom of cancer. Does food usually get stuck in your throat? Are you having trouble swallowing? This is known as dysphagia. It could be a sign of cancer if it continues to get worse with time. You should see your doctor if the problem persists. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, constant difficulties consuming food could be an indication of cancer.

4 — Unexplained Swelling and/or Lumps

Lumps that are unexplained should never be treated as insignificant, according to specialists. “Tell your doctor about any new lumps, swelling or other symptoms that can’t be explained or that do not go away in a few weeks,” advises oncologist Dale Shepard.

5 — Weight Gain or Weight Loss

A loss of weight that isn’t explained is an indication of a serious problem. “This unexplained weight loss is one of the first signs of cancer for many people,” says oncologist and hematologist Munveer Bhangoo. “Someone who loses this much weight without a clear cause should see their doctor to find out what’s going on.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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