7-Minute Workout Torches Body Fat (No Weights)

Struggling to squeeze in a workout into your busy schedule?

Don’t worry—you are far from alone. From work demands to family stuff to just plain not having the time, it can be hard to dedicate time to yourself for any long training sessions you could think are crucial to helping your fitness. Thankfully, spending hours in a weight room is not the only way to get an effective workout. If you are struggling with your workout schedule, you might need to try the following 7-Minute Blitz program.

You will not need any equipment, since all of these exercises make use of your bodyweight for better resistance. The one thing you must bring to your training is motivation and effort to make the most from your super-fast exercise session. Have some extra time after work? You can do this 7-minute movement up to three times for an even more efficient super workout.

This full-body workout will challenge your body by piling on a ton of repetitions into this short amount of time using a ladder movement, which means you will doing a decreasing number of reps for every round to go down a step until you reach just one. But try not to rush yourself to finish—your focus should be about doing your best possible move. We are looking for good reps not just quantity. Focus and Intensity should be your main principle for this complete body burner.

The 7-Minute Full-Body Ladder

The Warmup

    Do this warmup for 30 seconds.

    The Workout

    Do each move for 10 reps, then 9, then 8, until you get down to 1 rep, alternating between these exercises. Do them as quickly as you can.

    Bodyweight Squat

    Half Burpee

    Reverse Fly


      Author: Scott Dowdy

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