A Diet Better Than Keto? Hollywood Muscle-Man Says Yes

It could be a surprise to you to learn that self-proclaimed red meat eater Jason Momoa is not on the paleo or even the keto diet. What’s not a surprise is he is a huge freaking guy—especially if your first Momoa sighting was as the actor who played Khal Drogo, who was a threatening Dothraki khalasar leader in the tv show Game of Thrones.

If this is the case, you have always had an idea of how large Momoa is. Standing around 6’4″, the actor has an imposing frame—and packing on slabs of muscle does not take a huge effort. If you are curious how the actor trains to get into a superhero frame such as Aquaman and stays limber while doing it, keep reading.

How Jason Momoa Gets Well Ripped for Movies

“With Jason, he is not attempting to lose weight,” Jason’s trainer Damian Viera says. “He already has around 15 or 18 percent bodyfat. So, from there, I know from experience we can get down to 10 percent in around three weeks.” Obviously training had a big role, but Viera can change the physiology to a higher degree of precision with food before and during filming a movie.

To maintain his superhero look, Viera watches Momoa’s macro ratios closely in the morning, afternoon, and evening, so he gets the food he needs for the work he is doing that day without excess left over in his body at night that will turn into stored fat.

“Carbs are a very vital part of the nutrition we use for fuel,” explains Viera. “Jason could not do something like a keto diet, because he needs charged energy to be explosive. And when I say carbs, I am not meaning breads and pastas—those are not a part of his diet. I mean cruciferous vegetables and fruits. You cannot train the way he does with fat for fuel; you need carbs for explosive moves.”

The keto diet is the most popular diet in the country right now. With many hollywood stars and famous doctors supporting its supposed benefits, but it seems for Momoa, the diet is not all it is cut out to be.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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