Add This to Water To Double Fat-Loss?

The hype around apple cider vinegar is real. Proponents say that ACV can help acne, solve dandruff and even heal sunburns. And there are many people who say that apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight.

Combining ACV with tea and water or smoothies is seen as the best way to consume the stuff. Since otherwise it is almost unbearable.
But what about apple cider vinegar’s reported weight loss benefits? Can ACV actually help you burn fat?

We asked some experts to get the truth.

The science of ACV’s benefits

“There is evidence that ACV can be helpful for weight loss, because the acetic acid inside it can target body fat for removal., says Carol Johnston, Ph.D., the director of the Arizona State nutrition program, who has researched the topic thoroughly.

“When you drink small amounts of this acetic acid through ACV, you can activate your metabolism to help your body burn fat as its primary form of energy instead of storing it., Johnston says.

During one study, overweight rats were given high-fat diets and then lost a large amount of fat when given acetic acid along with their food.

Another study revealed that people lost an average of four pounds in just 12 weeks after drinking one to two tablespoons of diluted ACV in water everyday.

The best type of ACV?

Numerous ACV brands exist, and one isn’t better than another. But generally, you will want to choose a raw and unfiltered version because they contain protein and probiotics.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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