Amazon Keeps Selling Out of these 4 Health Products

With people having busy and stressful lives, we all get how hard it can be to get good sleep every night. When the quality or length of your sleep is low, research shows it can put a huge toll on your memory, stress and psychological well-being. If you are struggling to get good sleep, try these sleep products to aid you in falling asleep and staying asleep.

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1. White Noise Maker

A white noise maker can help you get to sleep by putting out relaxing sounds, like rain or birds. This portable machine has over 30 sounds. Plus, it is small enough to easily bring it with you when traveling.


2. Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser will add moisture to your bedroom air, and is great for dry winters. They give off a calming scent. Be sure to get one with high quality oils that are proven to aid sleep, like bergamot or lavender. This diffuser is among the highest rated and comes in four colors.


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3. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are linked to lower anxiety and better sleep. During one research study, people who used weighted blankets had an easier time calming down at night, which means that if you are someone who has problems falling asleep, this could be a great option.


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4. Black Out Curtains

Light is the worst thing for sleep. If sunlight is waking you up earlier than you expect to get up, or you are stuck with an irritating street light outside your house, these black out curtains can fix the issue very quickly. Many black out curtains can also block annoying sounds that can disturb your sleep.


Author: Scott Dowdy

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