Boxer Reveals How To End a Fight In Seconds

Tony Jeffries is a former Olympic contender, champion and pro boxer. Since retiring from his favorite sport of boxing with a shocking undefeated record, he has been working to share his secrets on the sport, including his tips for fitness and training for boxing newbies with his YouTube videos.

In one of his recent videos, he gives some good advice on what you can do if you get yourself (or are forced into) a situation where you must defend yourself physically.

If there is no way to de-escalate things, Jeffries has three important techniques and tips on what you should do to get some hard and fast punches to put an end to any fight very quickly.

First and most importantly, he says you have to stay relaxed. “I know it might be easier said than done, but you need to keep yourself relaxed., says Jeffries. “I don’t mean sit there and try to drink a cup of soda while you wait for a street fight to kick off, I mean keep your shoulders and your arms relaxed. You want to keep yourself loose… When you get stiffened up, your punches will be slow, and if your punches are slow, you wont hit as hard or of course as fast.”

Secondly, he says you should try not to swing, and instead he recommends using short, straight punches. With a big swing, your opponent can see it coming from a mile away, especially if it’s too slow.

“The fastest punch is one that goes in a straight line., he says.

And third, the most crucial way to get power and speed in your punch, Jeffries says you need to really imagine it. “I’m imagining my speed, I’m throwing the punch right, I’m fully reaching my arm, I’m rotating my hip, I’m keeping relaxed in my shoulders.” And that makes all the difference.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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