Eat This And Slash Cancer Risk By a Whopping 45%

Around 39.5% of people will get diagnosed with cancer at some point during their life. Some factors, such as genetics, are not in your control, but diet is a risk factor you can change.

For example, a new study has shown that a very low consumption of vegetables is connected to a greater risk of certain cancers. And one study in particular says you could lower your risk by consuming one especially powerful veggie.

The New Study

Research has revealed that mushrooms have anti-allergic and anti-cholesterol benefits. In the study, which was published in Advances in Nutrition, scientists investigated whether eating mushrooms is connected to lower cancer risk.

After looking at 17 studies and their results in a meta-analysis and review of over 19,000 people, the team discovered that eating more mushrooms was linked with a lower risk of cancer.

The type of mushrooms did not seem to matter, but the amount consumed did make a big difference. People who consumed around 1/8 to 1/4 cup daily had a 45% less risk of contracting cancer compared to people who didn’t eat mushrooms.

The Best Way To Cook Mushrooms For The Best Results

The research showed that certain cooking methods might change this veggie’s benefits. It was discovered that the phenolic, which is the good antioxidant content, of mushrooms did not change after being fried or microwaved, but drying the mushroom resulted in a large increase in its phenolic content.

One clever way to add them to your meals is to make a mixed burger with ½ ground beef and ½ chopped mushrooms.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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