Eating Habits That Age You In The Worst Way

If you eat too much added sugar for breakfast it could have a negative impact on your skin.

Your skin aging is a natural thing that all people go through in the exact same way that our entire body changes as we age.

There are some things that speed up skin aging, such as poor diet choices, not wearing sunscreen, and major levels of stress.

We will be focusing on foods that can cause damage to your skin. We spoke to some dietitian experts about the worst breakfast foods that can speed up the aging process.

Everyone likes a tasty muffin, donut, or pancake for breakfast, but according to Lauren Manaker, MS, “overeating sugar can be damaging your skin health.”

Eating huge amounts of sugar can cause glycation end products to be released, these are known skin aging accelerators. With that said eating a donut every once and awhile is perfectly fine, it is important to know that by eating them often you can damage your skin.

Another important fact to think about when it comes to eating a healthy breakfast is staying away from white bread whenever you can. “The nutrient-rich properties are stripped from white grains, so they are actually just another version of sugar,” says Courtney D’Angelo, MS,” and the high B-vitamin content is lost during the refinement process.”

Whole wheat bread is put through a lot less processing because of this it keeps its B-vitamins intact, which D’Angelo says can “help to reduce inflammation.”

If your breakfast is all egg, potato, and bacon, and you don’t eat any veggies, your skin may age quicker than your peers. Stirring clear of certain foods can really help in the skin aging process, but you can add some foods to your diet to help you obtain healthy, glowing skin.

Veggies and fruits are packed with antioxidants that can help you have healthy skin,” Manaker says, “so adding berries to your yogurt or some spinach with your eggs in the mornings can help you get your fill in a natural way.”

Lastly, the way you make your coffee can impact your skin. If you like an iced cup of coffee or a hot one, if you add too much sweetener it can negatively affect your skin.

Sugar is a pro-inflammatory, it can cause blood sugar spikes, and it promotes an unhealthy microbiome, which are all things that accelerate the aging process,” says D’Angelo.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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