Experts Say: Avoid These Popular Foods At All Costs

Attempting to figure out what foods can quickly change into body fat can confuse anyone, especially if you are just starting to figure out healthy habits. Luckily, we spoke to a handful of dietitians and experts who revealed their list of common foods that can pack on the pounds.

We then combined their list and the following three foods were always mentioned as the worst fat-producers.

1 — Light Applesauce

You may never have known it, but your favorite applesauce is unknowingly adding fat into your food plan.

Foods which are sweetened by artificial sweeteners, such as light applesauce, usually make people gain fat around their belly.

Since sweet foods are very dense in calories and taste good, people usually overeat them. When it comes to metabolism, sugar is very harmful to have in your blood, so your body turns it into a less bad substance very quickly, and that is fat. The fat is then stored away if it’s not used as energy immediately.

2 — Alcohol

If you see some extra weight popping up around your stomach, you might have alcohol to blame.

Excess alcohol use is linked with increased adiposity, which is why we usually hear the phrase ‘beer belly.’

Chronic alcohol drinking is known to disrupt your gut microbiome and can cause leaky gut syndrome, which causes inflammation and more body fat. Also, alcohol is filled with ’empty’ calories, meaning it does not have nutrients, and can lead to unhealthy food choices after drinking, which can overall greatly increase your risk of obesity.

3 — White Bread

When managing your body fat, keep a look out for white bread.

When wheat is refined to create this white flour that forms many processed foods, it is removed of not only its nutrients, but also of its protein and fiber. This leaves a product that is pretty much all sugar and near the top of the glycemic index.

When eaten, it is digested just like the added sugars we discussed above. They lead to increased blood sugar and metabolic diseases connected with leptin and insulin resistance, and greater energy storage in your fat cells and more body fat.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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