Formerly Illegal Street Drug Now “Doctor Recommended”… Here’s Why

The number of individuals starting to use marijuana for medical reasons is increasing and with good reason. There have been proven benefits to using cannabis such as preventing patients with autism from having seizures, which is what CNN’s Doctor Sanjay Gupta has been reporting on for a few years. Also, there’s many other medical benefits that doctors have explained were beneficial to some people. Keep reading to learn about some of these benefits’ marijuana can have for you.

1 — How CBD and THC Compounds are Beneficial

Dr. Carrie Lam, says, “It is important to remember that the THC compound that’s in marijuana and the CBD compound that’s in hemp have different properties. These compounds have healing properties that are now commonly used for various health conditions. But the reasons why cannabinoids are effective are not discussed often, and they have something to do with endocannabinoids that are made within your body naturally. Knowing how these compounds work might shed light on the efficacy of those that come from plants. There are many health benefits of using CBD.” However, in order for you to use marijuana responsibly for medicinal purposes, please speak with your doctor, know how you can legally obtain marijuana and learn what the current laws are regarding its purchase and use.

2 — Relief From Stress

“Cannabinoid compounds have calming effects that prove helpful for helping to ease anxiety and reduce stress,” Dr. Lam said. “THC and CBD are two key cannabinoids that are found in the sativa plant species. Marijuana or Cannabis and hemp, belong to this plant species. CBD and THC work the same as endocannabinoids that are present in your body. These compounds interact with CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors which are located throughout your body to reduce stress. Your body has a natural stress-fighting mechanism known as the NeuroEndoMetabolic Stress Response System. It’s a network of six circuits and various organs, which work in unison to deal with stress levels. When your body goes through a stressful situation, the NEM sends a message to your adrenal glands for release of the anti-stress hormone cortisol to help handle the stress. When the body deals with stress more often, the adrenal glands secrete even more cortisol. This will overwork your adrenal glands. And as a result, your body is unable to provide adequate cortisol because of adrenal fatigue, which lowers your body’s normal stress-fighting ability.”

3 — Pain Management

Dr. Kristina Hendija explains, “Chronic pain impacts over 100 million Americans each day, and costs millions of dollars in medical treatments and loss of work. Today’s accepted treatment options are often expensive and risky. Medical marijuana might stand as an attractive option to managing pain in many people. Though some might be concerned about the potential effects of inhaling smoke, vaporized THC yields the same or greater results.”

4 — Sleep Aid

“As a muscle relaxant and sedative, medical marijuana could help people that suffer from insomnia,” Dr. Hendija said. “A lot of people have sleeping disorders and marijuana helps to restore your sleep cycle because it can bring you into a deeper sleeping state. However, you should take it easy long term as reliance on cannabis as a sleep aid may end up impairing your normal sleep cycle the longer you use it.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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