Got Man Boobs? Here’s The Sneaky Reason Why

Are you one of the many men who consume coffee made from a pod coffee machine? If so, do yourself a big favor and stop now.

Because if you keep drinking it, you will regret it when those small, perky breasts show up from drinking coffee made from these plastic coffee pods.

At least that is what some new research shows from scientists at the University of Conn. suggests.

What about breasts?

Earlier research has already proven that consuming coffee made from unfiltered coffee – which includes K-Cups are one an example – makes you more susceptible to heart problems and diabetes, but this new study shows that the plastic which is used to make coffee pods also have significant amounts of possibly harmful estrogenic chemicals.

When these plastics are created, polymers, monomers and additives like plasticizers, many of which lead to estrogenic activity, are polymerized to create a base resin, which is then combined with other resins to help the sturdiness of the plastic.

Unfortunately, these estrogenic compounds can leach from the pod due to polymerization not being complete, or due to the additives not being completely bound to this polymer.

When the researchers looked at six brands of this capsule coffee, they discovered all of them had estrogenic activity.

Granted, the amount of this estrogenic activity was very small. But when compared to other estrogenic foods like soy or bottled water, the scientists said that the “estrogenic possibility of capsule coffee was very high.”

And there is something else to consider. Most men don’t have just have one cup of pod coffee now and then. Instead, coffee consumption is routine. It’s chronic. And many of them can easily chug down four to six cups of this estrogenic drink every day.

It is not a reach to believe that long-term exposure to this type of coffee drinking can lead to estrogenic chemicals which can have physiological consequences.

One Coffee Pod at a Time

Why millions of men and women drink pod coffee as opposed to making their own filtered coffee in general probably is not much of a mystery. It’s definitely not the taste or cost, it’s the convenience of getting a single cup of coffee at one time.

I get it, but ask yourself is it worth it to slowly mess up your endocrine system and possibly giving yourself man boobs?

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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