Guess What 300 Crunches a Day Does To Your Body?

Following on from new videos in which he did 300 pushups and 300 squats for 30 days to see how this would would change his bodyfat and fitness, Evan Zhang (also known as “Your Average Gent” on YouTube) has not turned his focus to his midsection for his newest physical challenge, and sets out to complete 300 crunches each day for a whole month.

“The complete range of motion is really short, basically going to the highest you can without bringing your hips up,” he says at the beginning of the challenge. “I don’t have a clue what to expect, but I know I am looking forward to seeing changes in my abs.”

He says that he does his crunches throughout his day, rather than trying to do all 300 of them in “one shot,” which would almost surely cause too much exhaustion. He breaks them into 10 sets of 30 reps to start with, but as the month goes on and his endurance builds, he takes that up to 50 reps.

“I would not say it was easy, but it is definitely the least hard 30-day challenge out of all the challenges I have done,” he says. “My abs can fully recover after every day of doing 300 crunches, probably because my abs are a relatively small muscle group compared to my chest and quads muscles.”

Over this 30 days time frame, Zhang’s waist went down from 79cm to 78cm. He also lost around 1 pound during the 30 day challenge. And he is pleased with the resulting physical results. “My abs look a bit more protruding, more defined, and more taut,” he says in the video. “Doing tons and tons of crunches won’t burn up a lot of your calories, it is mostly to build your workout endurance and get your abs to pop out more.”

Fitness experts also say that a person who wants to work on their abs should focus on losing belly fat before trying to build ab muscles. A low calorie diet combined with weight training is the best option for doing this.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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