How One Guy Lost 100lbs With A Simple Mindset Change

Prior to dropping 100 pounds and turning his career toward online fitness coaching, Jackson Desjardins would drop weight and then get it all back yet again—a cycle he did for about four years. He was finally able to discover what worked for him in terms of a sustainable and realistic lifestyle, but not before changing his approach mentally.

“I have found that losing weight is 90% all mental, and 10% exercise and diet,” he says. “I think mindset is so crucial because most people believe in how, and not why… The reason people cannot lose weight is not because they don’t what to do, it’s because they understand why they want to lose it.”

Desjardins thinks the “how” is pretty simple, but that before you can keep any results, you must overcome your psychological barriers and find your “why.” In his newest video, he goes over the four ways to do this.

1 — Stop allowing yesterday to limit tomorrow

“I don’t care if every diet you have tried failed… It doesn’t matter what your past is, what you have done, what has happened,” he says. “You must focus on your present. Not your future or past… The only thing that is important is what you do at this moment.”

2 — Make the decision

“If you have not yet committed and said ‘I am doing this,’ and that is when you will do the needed things,” he says. “Stop hoping and wondering if this is going to be the correct time, this is the right time whenever you say it is.”

3 — Stop depending on motivation

“People believe motivation comes first, and then you act and get progress and eventually succeed. That is not how this works. You start, make progress, and then you get motivated, then you make extra progress, then you reach your goals.”

4 — Go for small wins

Whether your target loss is only 2 pounds, or taking photos to track your progress, setting small and achievable goals and then celebrating these wins can be a big incentive. Desjardins says it is like fighting battles, in order to end up winning a big war.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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