How To Burn Fat While Barely Even Trying

As we have reported many times, walking is not only great for your health. It is also an integral part of any plan for getting thinner. Walking will not only enhance your non-exercise activity thermogenesis, otherwise known as the movements you do during the day that cause fat burning but aren’t technically “exercise,” it will also help your body recover during days which you are not doing strenuous exercise—but, when done right, it’s a great calorie-burning habit in and of itself.

So keep reading for a some fun ways to get even more out of your daily walking.

1 — Try The Pace Workout

As we have said in past articles, your walking pace is very important, and you need to increase the intensity of your walking if you would like to maximize the benefits you get from those walks.

You can burn more calories doing a brisk walk than compared to a more slow walk. Speed directly changes the amount of calories a person burns as he or she exercises.

Don’t run, but walk briskly, and this will burn extra calories to aid you with your weight loss.

2 — Go Uphill

Another option to add greater intensity and difficulty to your walking is to add elevation. To help boost your calorie burn, a person should go uphill on a routine basis. For some, this might mean increasing your treadmill gradient, while others could incorporate more hills into their outdoor walking. Try to aim to go up stairs, hills or inclines at least two times per week.

3 — Turn Your Walks Into A “Belly-Busting” Exercise

Try working on your abs as you go. Focus on bringing your abdominals in toward your spine. Keep this contraction throughout your whole walk, but also don’t hold your breath.

Imagine your legs extend up above into your navel, as one of your legs swings, your hip should follow. This hip swivel leads to your lower torso rotating, activating more muscles to tighten your midsection better.

4 — Change Your Direction

Here is one more great way to get more out of your daily walk: Change your direction you are walking. Walk forward, backward, or even sideways. This maintains an alert mind, and increases your calorie burn, and uses some underused muscles, like your outer and inner thighs.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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