How To Pack a Punch That Mike Tyson Would Envy

Former Olympic champion and boxer Tony Jeffries left the ring undefeated back in 2012. Since then—on top of managing his LA gym, Jeffries now reveals boxing secrets on his YouTube channel, which includes how some of the top boxers in history were able to compete at a high level.

Previously he broke down former heavyweight champion Deonte Wilder’s punches. Now he is back with a new video going through how Mike Tyson was really able to punch so hard.

“You may have seen him use this move, he would continuously slip,” Jeffries said, demonstrating the movement. Tyson would do that for a few reasons, he says:

Outcome #1: Keep your opponent thinking

Standing still is not a winning idea, but Tyson’s side-to-side movement was more pronounced than most fighters of his time. “If he is moving in this way, you have a moving target and his opponent have a harder time throwing punches and landing them,” Jeffries says.

Outcome #2: Slipping

Tyson also showed a talent for causing fighters to miss—in under a second, he would duck away, or “slip” them.

Outcome #3 (The big secret): Power transfer

“When Mike was slipping, he was transferring his weight to his other foot,” Jeffries said. “So if I am moving my weight to that other foot—like the front foot—I can then return with a powerful left hook, getting my whole weight behind that punch,” he says. “But if you then slip to the right, you can then come back with a huge right hand.”

Jeffries ends his short clip with a demonstration of the technique, including his favorite combo. “As you see, that punch has maximum power,” he says. “But nothing like Mike Tyson.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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