Incredible New ‘Water’ Trend Takes The Health World By Storm

Alkaline water is a new trendy go-to supplement for health-conscious people wanting an edge to reach optimal levels. Although data is still ongoing, alkaline water — water which has a pH level higher than 7, opposed to between 6 and 8 for normal water — is said to be good for its ability to help acne, lower blood pressure, help cholesterol, lower acid reflux, and even help with diabetes.

Celebrities and athletes have been fast to jump on the alkaline trend. Mark Wahlberg, Tom Brady and UFC star Miranda Maverick have all used alkaline water into their health routines.

While critics have stressed the need for more science to prove alkaline water’s benefits, there is already numerous studies showing one conclusion — it is a great tool to use for your health and fitness.

A 2018 study from the journal of PLoS One, gives credit to alkaline water’s abilities as an hydration tool for anaerobic athletics like MMA fighters. The study found that drinking alkalized water — 3 to 4 liters per day — will help acid-base balance, and help with high-intensity exercise abilities, especially among fighting athletes.

Also, alkalized water can help lower the buildup of lactic acid in your bloodstream. Lactic acid buildup can lead to muscle soreness, because the blood has gotten too acidic. By consuming alkaline water, you can balance your pH and help to stop the muscle soreness you feel the day after a heavy workout.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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