Lose 26 Pounds By Making One Small Diet Change

Jamie Oliver has been a loved personality inside the food industry for decades, winning fans with TV shows and programs that help families get access to healthy food. However, with eating and cooking being such big components of his career, the star has witnessed his weight move a lot over the years. Oliver recently spoke about his losing 26 pounds, crediting his change to one simple change he made to his routine.

1 — He lowered his intake of one food in particular.

During a recent interview with Radio Times (through, Oliver said that one small change to his eating habits was the thing that triggered most of his weight loss: Lowering how much meat he consumes.

“I lowered meat down my priority list, and I brought veggies up the list, got better sleep and moved more,” he said. Oliver added that he was not depriving himself or sticking to any small portions to lose the pounds.

“I lost 12 kilos very quickly and I did not do it by not eating. I ate a lot, more than I was meant to,” he said.

2 — He added in more vegetables to his eating habits.

Not only did he increase the amount of vegetables to his diet, but he also tried new greens which he had never tried before.

“I believed seaweed was hippy stuff but our ancestors did eat seaweed. It has a lot of iodine and is the most nutritious vegetable you can eat,” he said.

3 — He also added nuts to his eating schedule.

He not only lowered his meat intake and boosted his veggies to shed his excess pounds, the TV star also started snacking on nuts.

“They make you half as likely to experience a heart attack. Give them to your kids too,” suggested the dad of five.

4 — He cut back on booze.

Last but not least. While he didn’t remove drinking complete to lose his weight, he admitted to taking a much more moderate strategy toward alcohol.

“I’m not telling anyone what to do, but my strategy now is to just drink during the weekend,” he said.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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