Men Are Raving Over This New Stretching Technique

Hip tightness is not something you may have ever dealt with. But after reaching 40 and beyond, things change.

If you don’t stretch on a daily basis, you could easily get injured while working out. Not to mention the  aches and pains that come from being too tight. But starting a stretching program out by doing too much, too soon, can also cause injuries. The solution? The 90-90 stretch.

The 90-90 stretch is a savior for older men looking to fix hip tightness and improve posture. It is easy yet beneficial and effective. And it’s helpful to those who sit at their computer for long hours while working.

It works like this:

1 – Start by sitting with your knees up and bent 90 degrees. Your feet need to be just a little further apart than shoulder width.

2 – From this spot, twist your upper body and hips to the left and let your knees go to the floor.

3 – The the inside of your right thigh and outside of your left thigh should be touching the floor while you keep the 90-degree knee angle.

4 – Keep your spine as straight as possible with your sight and shoulders directly aligned with your left thigh.

You will feel this stretch in your lower back, glutes, adductors, and the external and internal rotator muscles of your hips.

I recommend doing this every day if you have hip tightness and want relief. Or even if you just want more relaxation and better posture.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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