Overlooked Exercises Every Man Should Do


Whether you are on a regular workout schedule or like to switch up things as much as you can, there are likely some muscles you target to make sure your body is both strengthened and toned. But what about those muscles you are not working out during those sweat sessions? There happen to be three muscles you did not know you should be working out, and we are here to provide you with the details.

Although there are some areas of the body that are not necessarily talked about often or highlighted in different techniques, it is still crucial to focus on these little known muscles for different reasons. For instance, you will definitely want to learn about following three muscles that ACE-certified personal trainer, Mariah Prussia, says you should be targeting. Prussia also tells us about some great tips on how you can target each one.

1 — Core Lower Back Stabilizers

“Core muscles are normally looked at as superficial muscles, whereas; the main stabilizers of the core in the spine usually take the backseat, which could result in lower back pain when they are neglected,” Prussia says.

In order for you to work these muscles, Prussia recommends exercises like the dead bug, planks and Romanian deadlifts while noting that “core work outs should be added in an overall fitness routine at least 2 to 3 times each week.”

2 — Pelvic Floor Muscles

Prussia says, “Pelvic floor muscles are important in maintaining healthy bowel and bladder function, as well as a stabilizer for your pelvis,” adding, “The most popular exercises are Kegels, pilates, heel slides and happy baby pose.” Prussia notes that you can do pelvic floor exercises three times a week, or even every day of the week, depending on the exercise you are focusing on.

3 — Fast Twitch Muscles

Prussia explains, “Fast twitch muscles give more explosive movements for a higher-intensity activity, for a shorter amount of time. They also help people of all age groups become stronger and faster while also assisting in maintaining your optimal fitness levels.”

In order to target the fast twitch muscles, Prussia says “power-based and explosive movements with higher weight and fewer reps.” Think along the lines of eccentric and concentric overload, bilateral barbell movements, sprinting and plyometric box jumps.


Author: Scott Dowdy

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