Popular “Male” Diet Gets Demolished In New Investigation

The “keto” diet is a popular trend that involves eating mostly high amounts of protein and limiting carbohydrates. While supporters tout the benefits for weight loss and overall health, a new analysis shows that this diet could be bad for your heart.

Researchers have looked at the findings of previous studies on the ketogenic diet as well as intermittent fasting, and have found that while both “seem to help people lose weight, and some evidence shows they might help cardiovascular health,” researchers wrote in their released statement, “these eating plans also allow eating of foods that are known to heighten cardiovascular risks and are not likely to be as effective at preventing heart issues as well-established guidelines currently supported by health experts.”

Going even further, the researchers say that keto does aid those following it to initially drop excess weight, but that data proves it “seems to not last after a year.”

More specifically for heart health, the scientists pointed to the fat amount consumed by keto-followers especially saturated fat, “which has been linked to an increase in heart disease,” they said.

“There is also data that shows an extended keto diet might lead to stiffening of the arteries,” they continued.

“While intermittent fasting and keto are very popular, they are at best unverified and at worst harmful,” the researchers said. “Diets supported by experts, such as the Mediterranean diet, have been thoroughly studied for efficacy, and demonstrated over and over again to improve heart health.”

Author: Scott Dowdy


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