Renowned Actor’s ‘Health Shake’ Is Going Viral

44 year old Orlando Bloom, of Lord of The Rings fame, made news recently after his amazing morning routine went viral. Bloom revealed his wellness morning formula to reporters.

“I wake around 6.30. I use a smart ring sleep tracker and every morning after waking I check to ensure I’ve had a good night’s rest,” Bloom said. “I then chant for 20 minutes, religiously,” he says. “I’ve been a Buddhist since I was 16.”

For breakfast, Bloom mixes together a pre-breakfast shake of “some green powders that I combine with brain octane oil, a collagen powder, and protein.”

After a hike, breakfast is around 9AM. It’s “usually porridge, some hazelnut milk, vanilla paste, cinnamon, goji berries, hazelnuts, a vegan protein powder and a cup of PG Tips,” explains Bloom. “I’m 90% plant-based, so I will only consume a good piece of red meat once per month.”

Bloom’s Buddhism, he says, is the foundation of his mental health. “Without my Buddhism I might have easily come unglued,” he says. “I’ve been altering the narrative in my head and feel I am in control. I can set it ablaze, but I can also put it out.”

A “plant-based” meal of “stew or vegetables” makes for Bloom’s lunch and, later on, he lifts some “heavy weights for an hour,” for “something to exhaust me”. 

The interview became a trending social media topic almost instantly, with many discussing Bloom’s wellness routine.

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