Russia’s Workout For “Lazy Men” Works Wonders

Push-ups are known for causing a huge arm burn, but they have nothing on the very hard push up variations that exist out there. I did not believe there was anything that could tire me out more than half-split push-ups, but then I tried Russian push-ups—a variation that gives you a complete core workout in just one rep. This is not an exaggeration.

The Russian variation is a combination of a push-up and a forearm plank. These two moves are easy on their own. But together, you are going in swift motions—something that seems easier, but it’s not.

Apart from strengthening your shoulders and arms, doing this exercise successfully requires every muscle inside your core—especially as you go in and out of the forearm plank.

While the Russian push-up is rare, that should be changed. Because it is clearly a great exercise worthy of every person’s fitness goal and workout. There is just issue to remember. It is best to do at the end of your workout, because if you start your workout with this Russian powerhouse, you won’t have the energy to keep going.

The Russian push-up explained

  1. Start out in a plank position with shoulders over your wrists.
  2. Lower yourself into a push-up with chest over the floor.
  3. Go into a forearm plank.
  4. Go back into a low push-up spot.
  5. Raise back into a high plank.
  6. Lower and repeat without a break.

Before you get do this variation, ensure you are doing the regular push-up correctly:

Author: Blake Ambrose

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