Schwarzenegger’s Real Arm Routine Revealed

People always ask us: “How can I get arms that look like Arnold’s?” Well to be honest, you can’t. Arnold was born with unique DNA just as you were.

But all hope is not lost. Arnold used a myriad of advanced training. And you can follow this same formula that worked so well for him. It’s based on proven techniques and philosophy that grew the arms of the man many label the best bodybuilder to ever live. Here’s how he did it

The Muscle-Mind Connection

As Arnold says “When I was 10, I was already flexing my biceps. By the time I started bodybuilding around 15, my biceps were very noticeable. By flexing my biceps so often, I had learned to control them more easily. This mind-connection ability helped me with my bodybuilding. When I curled, I could instantly sense the blood rushing into my muscles.”

Anticipation Is Everything

“Throughout my lifting career,” Schwarzenegger says, “I was always trying to trick my mind. I would imagine my biceps as mountains. This made my arms grow faster than if I had seen them as only simple muscles.”

Schwarzenegger makes the point that it is important to be pragmatic. “Enthusiasm is very important at all levels. But a beginner must be satisfied with small gains. He must never believe that big gains come easily, or that he can get super big overnight. His progress should include small successes, and he should anticipate each gain with joy.”

Always Change It Up

“A normal routine would include dumbbell curls, barbell curls, concentration curls along with preacher bench curls. But then again, I changed my training many times, because I wanted to trick up my muscles,” Schwarzenegger said. “I remember doing 20 very heavy sets of bicep curls with only four reps each set. The next day I would do 10 sets with 15 light weight reps.“ This method was extremely important to my training. Your muscles tend to resist growth if you are always doing the same thing.

Tips For Beginners

Arnold says “for beginners, I’d recommend five sets of dumbbell curls and five sets of barbell curls — ten total sets with 8 to 12 reps. Focus on movement. And experiment with different curling methods until you find one that puts maximum strain on your arms.” After training for a year or more, you will be considered an intermediate lifter, at which point Schwarzenegger says you should “look at your results and determine your weak points. Then I’d tailor a program to focus on these weaker areas.”

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