Simple ‘Habit Change’ Helps Over 50’s Lose Weight With Ease

For 59yo Phil Stonell, the trigger that led to him starting his fitness transformation was a photo where he was unfortunately shown in the role of a fat Oliver Hardy.

That was the last straw and Stonell, with the UK ‘lockdown’ happening, knew it was time to change, using the lockdown as a time of rejuvenation. Now, a year later, and Stonell dropped from 133kg to 82kg since 2020. Here’s how:

“I came to the realization that my long hours, and my time traveling back and forth between my office and home was not good., Stonell said.

With encouragement from his doctor while getting treatment for his shoulder injury, the 59 year old set out on his first step toward a more healthy life. His first new habit was playing in football league games and, although his first games were difficult, that didn’t stop him from loving the new challenge. The arrival of nation-wide lockdowns did stop his football games and because of this, Stonell switched to cycling to keep his new healthy habits.

“As soon as I got to below 19 stone, I started a cycling routine. I now do that once a day, around 25 miles during the week and as much as 40-50 miles a day during the weekends.”

Because of its lower impact on his knees, Stonell went for cycling instead of jogging. Stonell also started swimming regularly to keep and build better cardiovascular fitness. But, just like his football games, the lockdown suddenly restricted his swimming routine.

All of his exercise is not the only thing Stonell does to help his fitness. Alongside the new activity, his diet was switched up too. 

“My diet is pretty varied, I still love fish, which I eat a lot, I also routinely have meat-free days., he says. Stonell switched out meat for black beans and sweet potatoes based meals. He also adds in intermittent fasting to allow him to drop the kilos even better and alter his thinking when it comes to food.

The effects of his complete change in lifestyle has given him the results he was after, A renewed lust for life and better body to go with it. Stonell says everyone should reevaluate their fitness, regardless of their age.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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