Superhero Actor Shares His Muscle-Fueling Protein Shake

It is not a secret that Chris Hemsworth has been looking even beefier than usual, with the top actor adding on a huge level of muscle to play Hulk Hogan in a new upcoming biopic, as well as returning to his role of Thor in the upcoming movie sequel called Thor: Love and Thunder.

He has kept fans updated on his muscle transformation through regular gym photos and videos on Instagram, flexing his superheroic arms and showing some of the exhausting exercises that he is doing to stay in tip top shape.

He has been doing all of this with the assistance of his trainer Luke Zocchi, who created his Thor-like workouts and eating plans.

In a new interview, Zocchi gave away some details about the plan that Hemsworth has been doing while on set—including consuming up to 10 meals every day to keep his massive gains.

“He’s got a really great work ethic and forces himself to work very hard,” he said. “And with all his Thor roles, part of his work is also supporting it all up with the right food. He is eating so many meals that he gets tired of it. He eats a meal every two hours since he is naturally taller guy, and for him to pack on that muscle he needs a bunch of calories… On this movie, he was eating almost 10 times per day. As soon as he went onto set at six o’clock he would have his breakfast, and then get 460 calories every two hours.”

God of Thunder or not, that level of eating borders on undoable, and so Zocchi had to change things up, and created an easy shake recipe that would aid Hemsworth in hitting his macronutrient goals:

“Every third meal he would just be so tired of food, I would give him a protein shake that included: a double scoop of protein, almond butter, banana, two dates, and some salt just to allow him to have a break from eating,” he said, before saying: “But then we would start again later.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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