The #1 Eating Myth All People Believe

Eating well is hard when almost all eating plans and goals are under attack from all sides. Pro-keto or anti-keto, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. There are a lot of opinions out there.

But one thing you might assume we are all sure of is that eating more fiber improves your digestion. Now it’s time to challenge that idea. Because nutrition expert Max Lugavere says that’s not exactly the case.

He took to social media recently to reveal some of the true causes of men’ digestive issues.

These include:

Eating too much fibre
Eating at odd times
Chronic stress
Eating on the go
Inhaling your food
Ignoring food sensitivities and
Being sedentary.

“You will have inperfect days,” Lugavere highlighted on his post. “On some occasions you must eat while on the go. Or sometimes you might eat later than you would like. But these things can harm your digestion, which is a process that happens best during normal feeding times and while you are well rested.”

“Fiber is considered to be the best cure for digestion problems by most people. But too much fiber can actually make you feel terrible.”

“Fiber can be filling and it is helpful to your microbiome/immune systems, but it should always be considered relative to your personal lifestyle.”

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