The #1 Exercise For Ultimate Bedroom Performance

Learning how to do a proper hip thrust can help you get the best strength gains in your glutes. Which are muscles you use a lot in the bedroom.

If you want to build your glutes and impress your wife or girlfriend, then you need to learn the right way to do a hip thrust.

How To Do A Hip Thrust

1 — Sit on the ground next to your loaded barbell with your midback against the end of a bench or a box.
2 — Put your feet on the ground about hip-width apart. It’s ok to have your feet just slightly turned away, depending on what you find comfortable.
3 — Place a pad (squat sponge, towel, Airex pad, Hampton thick bar pad) on your pelvis. You can also put a barbell sleeve around your bar, so you don’t have to worry about it shifting.
4 — Roll your barbell on top of your hip crease.
5 — Squeeze the glutes and push your heels to bring your hips up along with the weight toward the roof. Keep your back straight and your head pointed at the wall in front of you.
6 — Lock your hips at the top of the move by squeezing your glutes and completely extending your hips. Your shins should stay vertical, and your knees should be neutral or just slightly externally rotated with your legs forming a 90-degree angle.
7 — Pause, then slowly bring your hips down to go back to the starting spot.

Tips On Hip Thrusts

Having the right setup to do hip thrusts is crucial to having your glutes take over and getting the best results from the exercise. Follow these upcoming tips to do hip thrusts even more effectively.

1. Make Use Of Rubber Plates

To most easily get ready for the movement, it is critical to fill your barbell with rubber plates. These softer plates are larger than the normal metal ones. And as you use these kinds of plates, the barbell will keep off the floor. This allows you to set up under the bar. Be sure to always fasten your weight plates using clips.

2. Make Sure Your Bench Supports Your Middle Back

Get a bench that will support your middle back as you sit on the ground. If you are using a taller bench, sit on top of a pad or a mat to increase the heigh of your body. If your weight bench is too high against your back, you will not give the leverage you need through your hips.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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