The #1 Supplement For Shrinking Your Beer Belly

Unfortunately, there are not many easy ways to get a flat stomach. If this is your goal, then diet and exercise are your best bet in reaching your goals.

But there are simple changes you can do to help yourself along the way—like consuming the right supplements to guarantee your body can absorb vital essential nutrients while flushing away waste, and help your metabolism in functioning at its best.

According to Trista Best, who is a dietitian at Balance One, the top supplement for a flatter stomach is digestive enzymes. Here’s how they work:

When your body is doing well, your body produces special enzymes to break down certain macronutrients. For example, proteases for proteins and lipases for fats, among others. But sometimes your body cannot keep up—which might cause you to suffer from GI discomfort after eating some foods.

“If some of these enzymes are not in your gut, for whatever reason, you can experience bloating and gas. And when your digestive process slows, your metabolism can also be harmed too.”

Taking a digestive enzyme can help your body in breaking down proteins, fats, and carbs into much smaller molecules—which means your body will not only absorb more nutrients from food, but you will also probably have less trouble getting a flat tummy.

“By including these enzymes into your routine, you might find your weight and bloating will go down at the same time., says Best.

Because they copy your body’s natural enzymes, it’s recommended you take these supplements right before eating. So that when your meal hits your stomach, your body will be prepared to digest everything efficiently.

Remember: supplements that you buy over the counter are not regulated by the FDA. But your doctor can do lab tests to decide if you are actually low in any enzyme, and give you a supplement if he finds that you are.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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