The Easiest Workout For Upper Body Strength

If ‘functional’ exercises are the main part of your current training, then you should at least consider one sleeve-stretching pumping working. This three-move workout will workout your chest, your shoulders and your triceps from three different angles using a mix of rep ranges. This guarantees that you get maximum blood flow, a good pump and, most crucially, that you get maximum growth.

Grab your set of favorite heavy dumbbells, set your bench up next to a set of dip handles or even parallettes and then work your way through this awesome workout with these three muscle-building moves, doing as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes. Rest as needed to keep your momentum steady, your form strict and your muscle building strong. Let’s go.

1. Dumbbell Bench x 5

Lay straight on your bench, with your knees bent, push your feet on the ground. Press a pair of your well gripped dumbells towards the ceiling, locking at your elbows. Lower your dumbbells slowly until they get to your chest then keep your elbows at a 45 degree angle, then pause there before explosively going back up and then repeat.

2. Dips X 10

Get on two bars that are parallel and grip them with your palms going inward and your arms straightened. Use two good chairs if you are at home. Slowly bring yourself down until your elbows are right angles, guaranteeing they won’t flare outward. Push yourself back up to the top of the movement and then repeat.

3. Push-Ups With Hands Elevated X 20

Place both your hands on a chair, assuming a strong plank position. At the same momentum and tempo as you did before, flex at your elbow and lower down towards the ground until your chest just touches. Then go in reverse until your elbows get locked out.

Again, do as many rounds of this as you can for 20 minutes to get a major muscle burn that you will remember. This is an exercise that is easy to do with the right preparation and equipment given that it is only three moves for an almost complete upper body workout.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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