The Fastest Way To Fix Your Posture

Deal with your slouch. Research really proves that a messed up posture is much less attractive to women. And you’ve maybe tried all the usual recommended things like pec stretches, training your traps more, adding more band pulls.

But if those things have not helped your posture improve, here’s an exercise that may finally get the job done:

How To Stretch Your Lats

  1. Loop your band up high and then wrap it around your wrist.
  2. Get in a kneeling spot with your ground-touching knee on the side as your hand gripping the band. You can use padding for your back knee if you need it.
  3. To begin, create the band tension amount that feels good. Rotate your shoulder with a palms-up grip while allowing your whole back to round.
  4. Focus on your lumbar back spot, trying to flex your whole spine globally.
  5. Try to do a sideways bend in your spine at this same time. This will aid in lengthening your lats.
  6. Hold that for 10 seconds each time, fully exhale 1 or 2 times as you experience your lat lengthen on that side.
  7. Repeat another 10-seconds, 3-4 times per side, resetting between each rep. Do these a lot. In the morning, after workouts, as part of your recovery workout. Your shoulders will love you, you’ll have better and easier exercise, and you’ll have better posture. Finally.

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